We Are NewSpace

About Us:
NewSpace Rentals was born from the passion of 
optimizing urban space while tailored for Dutch city-living. About us

For property owners

Our Expert-Eye aims to transform & manage the rental property to meet its full potential, our approach is part of our commitment to creating a sustainable space that will certainly stand out together with vivid Rotterdam.About us

Expats and corporate departments

Those looking for the ideal rental property, we are committed to finding the perfect space. Therefore, we strive to match every individual lifestyle and needs in vivid Rotterdam. We handle all contractual matters to ensure all rights and obligations are in line with the dutch rental law too. As a result, all parties will have peace of mind during the entire rental process and period. 

To us, history combined with the smart-living design of our century will provide long-lasting economic value and returns. We aim to ‘Transform to Rent’, bringing more private housing into the demanding rental sector. Our turn-key rental service caters to tenants who are expatriates and international students, to give them the sweet stroopwafel opportunity to appreciate dutch homes, living and also culture.

Your New Space about us

Great design is at the heart of our company. We work with architects to find thoughtful space-saving ideas, making sure that rental apartments are highly livable and also practical to suit the busy lifestyle of expat singles, couples & families in urban city living. Above all, the properties are designed to be sustainable, where possible. As well as eco-friendly & cost-effective, creating a long term modern-day city living space. Our space optimization approach ensures practical & smart use of space. We create New Space. Check out our Renovation Coach service, that offers a free 30mins drop-step consultation.

New Roots

Our city slickers team is a fusion of East meets West, Rotterdam X Singapore.

We operate in Rotterdam, as well as other nearby urban cities; Vlaardingen, Schiedam, Delft and The Hague. How we conduct our business in the societies that we operate in, signifies an important part of our culture and values. Therefore we have a strong commitment to transform existing properties to sustain growth through thoughtful design and high-quality standards. We’re a private company working closely with trusted partners to develop amazing urban sights. Follow us on Instagram