Begin your lettings journey with us.

With NewSpace Buy to Let, together, we will create new spaces & new ways to rent a great sustainable space. Our Expert-Eyes hunts only the most unique real estate deals backed-up with a solid personalized Business Case.

We manage your property transformation project, from small redecoration projects to complete renovation under interior design supervision to optimize space.
The Result? Top-quality service apartment-style rental property tailor-made to WOW!

Through our buy-to-let principle, we map out the right route for every investor to have the highest ROI. Thanks to the current economic conditions, Buy-to-let homes not only generate income through rental but rising real estate prices also increase returns.

Rotterdam city is filled with vivid diversity and is growing with urbanization, now is the perfect time to invest in the rental market.

NEW WAYS TO RENTAL. A full-Circle Service

We find the most profitable property investment base on your ‘Property Profile’.
Location, Location, Location! The right area at the right price, size, state/conditions, the WOW factor, potential, ROI.

We take the time to get it perfect: Our ‘Property Profiling’ service will take into account the investment purpose, available capital and the short/long term investments goals.

Coffee or Tea and Us: Let’s discuss numbers, make a solid business case and do a risk analysis for your future investment.

Share the same goals

We guide and project manage your property, maximizing your space optimally. Renovate it to sell, stay OR turn it into a rental unit.

Renovation, how should it be done to get the best result?

Allow the NewSpace Renovation Coach to offer you door-step advise and coaching.

We provide an accessible way into ‘interior design meet styling’ to reach its full potential as a home and investment. A brief informative conversation will provide you with a first insight into the construction process, regulations, spatial and living options.

Our Service includes

  • Renovating to rent
  • Space planning & optimization guideline to build yourself
  • Do you want a holistic approach to improving your living space to suit your lifestyle? this is possible with the help of a live-in ‘co-creator specialist’ lifestyle interior designer.

Book a Free 30mins Door-Step Consultation

Our Property Management service includes finding the best tenancy candidate for your home, accompanied by stringent screening done by a secured and insured rental organization, with a legally drawn up rental agreements in Dutch and English for a fixed or indefinite period and timely receiving and releasing of rent confirmation payment.

NewSpace Rentals #SAFERENTAL

Renting out your home through NewSpace Rentals means follows the dutch rental rules and legislation to respect both the rights of tenant and owner.
As the owner, you have the owner’s right to proceed or rejected tenancy candidate.

Using the service of NewSpace Rental Property Management will mean you remain contact-free from the tenant.
We will be the main contact point for all issues 24/7.

Below are the services we offer as part of NewSpace Rental Property Management:

  • Manage your property
  • Financial & Administrative management
  • Check renter income via screening
  • Expat guide service
  • Manage incoming rental cancellations / check out
  • Maintenance & Technical management
  • Hotline for technical matters and maintenance
  • Maintaining contact with the tenant
  • Housing checks
  • Attend VvE meetings
  • Accompany large maintenance work
  • Reliable & efficient service
  • Involved real estate advisor
  • Added value for your property
  • Extra services (at extra cost)

NewSpace Rentals Expat Property Management fee:

  • One month rental fee for a successful tenancy waived off
  • 20% of the monthly rent as Expat Property Management fee